May and June are the months in which people are often on the move. Many residents just get out of town for the summer to beat the heat, while others leave town for good. Most expats come to Dubai with very little in the way of ‘stuff’, but find themselves accumulating a lot more during their stay. A lot of these things can be keepsakes but, let’s face it, a lot can also be quite unnecessary, or objects that can’t be taken home. So what do you do with all that ‘stuff’? Here are some options…

Freecycle it!Freecycle is a grass roots and entirely non-profit organisation of people both giving and getting unwanted items for free, with the philosophy behind the movement being to reuse and keep good products out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by volunteers. Freecycle is still very new to Dubai, but in Abu Dhabi it has taken off – the group has more than 7,000 members on Facebook. It is managed by Gina Dillon, who says, ‘I decided to start a Freecycle group because I read that the Downtown thrift store was closing and I wanted to help fill the void. I think that’s what it’s all about; helping others. And waste really bothers me. So it’s good for the environment and good for the heart.’ The site offers all kinds of items ranging from clothes to kettles to furniture. Search for Freecycle Abu Dhabi on Facebook to join.

Give it away! If you need to get rid of furniture and think it’s too tatty for resale, contact 800 Junk (, 800 5865), which will collect unwanted items, restore them and then sell them to workers in labour camps in the northern emirates at a discounted price.

Move it! Are you getting ready to leave for good?
Need a reliable moving company?

Two that come highly recommended by our city’s upwardly and outwardly mobile community are: AMWAJ Moving Company ( , 0554475112). This is one of the premier moving companies in the UAE. It has been helping people with their move for decades.
Delight International Movers (, 04 396 6381) is another reliable company to call when you are considering your move. The company is professional and will get you out of your old house or into your new one with ease and little discomfort. It also offers a service to move fine art and antiques for customers.
800 Storage & Movers: Your property will be moved in specially designed trucks to keep your belongings safe. 800storagedubai (04 338 8028).

Allied Pickfords: This is the largest moving and relocation services company in the world. To receive a quote, call the company and explain the type and size of the move you are looking to make. (04 818 0400).

Interem: Commercial and residential relocation services. (04 807 0584).

The Box: Provides numerous services for office and house removals in the UAE. There are different suite offerings you can choose from among the options for office and house removal. Prices depend on the service you choose. (04 340 0156).

Sell it! Dubai has multiple online marketplaces where you can sell your used belongings, such as (, Buy It, Sell It, Swap It Dubai and Pre Loved Dubai (each operating on closed Facebook groups). They are active online marketplaces and provide a great opportunity to rehome your things.

Furniture Moving in UAE
Furniture Moving in UAE
Furniture Moving in UAE
Furniture Moving in UAE

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