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Dubai roads and well-established supply chain

Republic of Belarus – is a transit country, passed through its territory of a huge number of vehicles. Thanks to the good quality of roads and waste logistics international communications sphere of delivery of goods every day increasing production.

If you take the major centers such as Gomel and Minsk, is outside the city limits, you can see the new stores, taking tones of goods of different names and dimensions. Especially popular now enjoys the agricultural products and auto parts. Supply network in Belarus is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the gradual emergence of a variety of manufacturing companies in small towns House moving and packing

Belarus – is Eastern Dubai, so the impact of Western technology affects the mechanisms of business and management. Investments in our country on the part of Dubai companies give a significant impetus to the development and modernization of technology transit transportation.

Commercial auto service – Dubai UAE Movers and Packers the most important part of the economy of any state. The market of international transport has high degree of competition, high-service and operational efficiency. Method road to the final delivery of products to the payer has not exhausted itself and continues to improve, not only in Belarus.

Interesting numbers and important statistics

According to the company Bel Toll, at the moment in the country there are more than 200,000 vehicles. The basic amount – this car from Belarus, Dubai, Poland and Ukraine, that is, half units (51%) – are foreign residents. It is worth paying attention to the statistics of belonging to the country:

  • RF – 12%;
  • Poland – 10%;
  • Ukraine – 10%;
  • Lithuania – 7%.

80% of the vehicle either comply with technical standards – more than 3.5 tones, 16% – no more than 3.5 tons. All of them are registered outside the customs soyuza.Sootvetstvenno, about 49% of the machines fall within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Belarus.

Bel Toll also analyzes the main motorway Belarus total length of 1189 kilometers. The scope of the movers in emirates – its 90 stations and 52 cash service points Customer. Organization system allows a person to perform various operations:

  • To conclude an agreement on the use of the road;
  • Fill up your personal account;
  • Get on-board device in prepaid mode.

Activities Bel Tol active on the market since August 1, 2013 and is aimed at Employees Relocation services company. One of the capabilities of the system – a specialized radio communication over short distances, with which the driver has a chance to go to make payments for services.

The specifics of the services of transport companies and new approaches

Freight forwarding sphere allows the customer to deliver the cargo to the destination. In addition to the main task of each company is engaged in registration of all necessary documents. Modern segment forwarding support includes operations concerning vocational training regulations, certificates and licenses. The area of primary responsibility of these companies:

  • Organization of cargo transportation
  • Selection of the optimal route
  • Loading, shipping and delivery of goods
  • Customs clearance of goods
  • Insurance
  • The disposition of the movement of goods
  • Consultations on freight forwarding issues

Logistics companies are developing additional proposals to support and design of the goods in the customs area. And the authorities are constantly working on programs for the modernization and repair of roads.

The imposition of economic sanctions after 2010 significantly limited the ability of the freight market in Belarus. This is primarily reflected in the decrease in production volumes of the AE. Moving in Al Barsha On the other hand, sanctions have become an incentive for the domestic auto service, as well as for the trade turnover with the CIS countries.

Belarus’ accession to the Customs Union and single economic space forced the government to make amendments relating to the program of development of logistics systems and basic legal acts.

From now on, owners of the companies undertake to simplify the requirements for the wholesale trade and storage of alcohol-containing products, as well as industrial alcohol and tobacco products. The Belarusian government considered a bill that regulates the document when selling goods. Ministry of Transport and the Department of Commerce are working to develop common standards for the operation of the wholesale and logistics centers movers in emirates

It is hoped that the eastern and western education (UAE as AE) will not enter into global conflict, will not affect the economic relations of the participating countries. After all, most shipping companies are not interested depend on the political ambitions of certain members of management.

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