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Relocating from place to another makes you feel like climbing High Mountain and as a Herculean task. We really understand the pain of packing and shifting, but the movers and packers company assist you in making shifting a joy not a pain. You don’t have to worry about packing for any relocation. On your demand, the team reaches your step and gradually picks up every object, putting into smart packets and making a perfect packing to move with you to your new destination. We the Amwaj Movers, helps you in Dubai relocation or any other places like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Amwaj Movers in Dubai, promises you reliable price charges, and quality work in moving and packing. There are many of the relocation service providing companies in Dubai, however, among all the Amwaj Movers in Dubai is unbeatable and most prominent. Trust makes the power to us, and we provide you on time service with full dedication and complete process. Trained and experienced team of boys, reach your place, and helps you in coming out of your relocation, packing problem, by taking the ownership of every work and every tiny and major packing.

Creating the right Movers in Dubai Project Team

Putting together the right Movers in Dubai project team is critical – and will need to comprise both internal and external members. This team is usually made up of the following elements.

Project Leader

One person must be put in charge of the move. The Project Leader (typically a Director or Senior Manager) must have enough time to devote to the office move project – and should: have the trust of senior management; the authority to act on behalf of the company; be senior enough to be able to make decisions; be a good organiser of people and processes; have experience of setting and working within budgets; and be a good communicator.

Property Agent

A competent and knowledgeable Commercial Property Agent will find you the most suitable property and then negotiate the best financial terms on your behalf.

Property Solicitor

They will negotiate the detail of the lease documentation to minimise your exposure to potential liabilities and advise you on the implications of the detailed terms to ensure you are aware of your ongoing responsibilities.
Office Design & Fit-Out Partner

The design and delivery of your new office will be central to the continued success of your business. Appoint an office design and fit-out company with the experience and capability to understand your business needs and deliver the right office environment.

Office Removals Company

Using a professional company to handle your commercial removal requirements will mean that your business will be relocated quickly and efficiently, minimising both business interruption and downtime to make sure you are ready to go on that “first morning” in your new office.

IT & Telecoms

Your business will have to fulfil the continuity needs of your staff & customers, and maintain connectivity throughout the office relocation process. A specialist IT & Telecoms Company will oversee all business connectivity issues and relocate your entire communications infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Human Resources

Change can be unsettling for some people and this can certainly be the case with Movers in Dubai. At the same time as the officemove process is going on your company has to continue to run its business and focus on its existing workload & commitments. No wonder moving is ranked as one of life’s most stressful events! However, moving office is a great opportunity to affect positive change management, improvement in business performance, increased morale & momentum. Your staff’s expectations and concerns need to be managed and HR has a key role in communicating the project to your employees.

Sales & Marketing

Moving office is a great opportunity to communicate positive messages to your customers and maximise the brand & image of your business.


Irrespective of the particular details of your office relocation the Office Move Project Team should comprise individuals and companies who provide you with confidence that they understand your business and the objectives of the move. They will be able to provide both operational and strategic assistance throughout the moving office project and ensure that your office move happens on time, to budget and with the minimum hassle & disruption to your business.

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