Painting Services Dubai

Painting your property can be a frightening prospect. we’re glad to offer immediately costs for smaller jobs together with single rooms and partitions. if you are looking to Painting Services in Dubai for  your whole indoors or exterior, we will arrange an appointment with considered one of our experienced group to talk about the activity head to head.

Our team has a wealth of experience in painting an expansion of length, shape and style properties. No wall is simply too small; just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Dubai is a lovely City, and a lovely city merits beautiful houses. we are able to assist you in making yours as quite on the outside as on the inside, and assist protect it from the elements. To allow us to breathe new existence in for your outdoors, just get in touch.


Painting Services Dubai
Painting Services Dubai

Moving house in Dubai? Transferring utility services just got easier

UAE: Activating utility services when moving home has just become easier in Dubai.

The Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (Dewa) on Tuesday announced a new service called ‘Move To’ that automatically transfers Dewa accounts from a previous premises to a new one.

The service can be used by residential, commercial & industrial customers.

Using the new service, tenants can transfer their electricity & water accounts, including the security deposit, just by submitting the Ejari tenancy contract for the new premises.

Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer, managing director & CEO of Dewa, said: “The new service will save time & effort. When moving, tenants won’t have to pay a fresh deposit unless the amount required for the new property exceeds the current one.”

Currently, the security deposit is Dh2,000 for flats & Dh4,000 for villas. It can increase or decrease depending on the type of premises tenants are moving to.

Earlier, when tenants moved out, they had to settle the last bill & request a refund of the security deposit. Then they had to pay a new security deposit for the premises they were moving to.

Now, tenants will not have to wait for a refund nor shell out extra money for the deposit as the existing one can be ‘carried over’ automatically.

This also eliminates the need for documents such as original security deposit receipt, final bill & payment receipt, valid ID, & authorisation letters.

Using the new service, customers can activate or deactivate electricity & water services through Dewa’s smart app, website, or customer happiness centres.

This automatic transfer order is created once an “Ejari contract” for the new premises is obtained through any of the property companies, or typing offices, approved by the land department.

On July 1, Dewa required all new tenants moving to new premises to have their tenancy contracts attested through Ejari to get their utility services activated.

How to use the ‘Move To’ service

If you are registered with Dewa’s online services, you can visit & apply for the service by logging in with your user ID & password.

  • Fill in the online application with the following details:
  • Ejari number of your new premises & premises number
  • Contract account number of the premises that you are moving out
  • Date that you are moving out
  • Pay outstanding dues for your existing premises.
  • Security deposit from your existing premise will be transferred to your new one.
  • If your application is successful, Dewa will send a reference number then you can track the status.
  • You can also download the Dewa app and apply for the ‘Move To’ service.

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